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Steel Detailing & Custom Component Streaming Video Tutorials

Below you will find links to various online steaming video tutorials geared to
answer frequently asked questions about different features within Tekla Structures, including Custom Components. Simply click the link and the videos will begin streaming immediately.

Custom Component Video Tutorials
(check out the extranet for more helpful documentation and videos)

* Defining a Custom Component video
* Editing a Custom Component video
* Adding Variables video
* First Bindings video
* Contour Bindings video
* Adding Equations video
* Advanced Equations video
* Chamfers On Contour Plates video
* Magnetic Planes video
* Welding video
* Bolting video
* Nesting System Components video
* Modifying your Dialog Box video

Categorized Video Tutorials
(check out the extranet for more helpful documentation and videos)

Project Setup Videos:
Folder Structure
Firm & Project Folders
Customer Startup Icons
Drawing Styles
Switches & Fabricator tabs
Adding a logo to a Style
Adding 2 logos to a Style
Adding logos to multiple Styles
Numbering Videos:
Numbering Setup - Batch Files
Numbering Setup - Dialog
Numbering + Creation of Drgs
Numbering - Tools


Building your model
Connecting your model
Saving your connx attributes
Applying your Standard Part marks
Using your Standard Part model
Similar parts with same marks
Modeling Videos:
Creating Grid Views
Adding Columns
Adding Beams
Horizontal Braces
Vertical Braces
Moving Model
Catalog Videos:
Profiles Catalog
Material Catalog
Bolt Catalog
Plotter Catalog
Reports / Project Management Videos:
ABM Report
RFI Handling
Phases / Sequences
Connection Videos:
Base Plates
Base Plates using AutoDefaults
Clip Angles
Safety Angles
Moment Connections
Other Connections
Excel Plug-in
Design Check
Joint.def Modifying

Shop Drawing Videos:
Drawing Wizard
Drawing Editor
Drawing List
Assembly Drawings
Assembly Drawing Properties
Multi Drawings
Multi Drawing Properties
Single Part Drawings
Single Part Assemblies
Gather Sheets
Drawing Classifier - Assembly Drawings
Drawing Classifier - Dimensioning

Site Drawing Videos:

Anchor Bolt Plan

Erection Plan
Drawing Classifier - GA
Drawing Symbols

Miscellaneous Detailing Videos:
Gage Material - UDA
Drawings - Stairs
Drawings - Handrail
Drawings - Ladders
Import / Export Videos:
MIS & CNC intro video
FabTrol - KISS video
FabTrol - Reports video
CIS2 video
SNDF video
IFC video
DXF - 2D video
DXF - 3D video
Videos on the Extranet:*
NC File Settings
New Template Editor training video clips
Parametric wall panel modeling
Surface treatment in the drawing
Surface treatment in the model

* located in the Download bank
Videos on Extranet do not always include audio.

phone: 1-877-TEKLA-OK